The Lady in Waiting


The Lady in Waiting is your personal Fairy Godmother. A brides assistant to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day!

The Lady in Waiting On Your Wedding Day

Imagine it is the morning of your wedding day.

Butterflies are having a parade in your stomach.

There is so much happening with people coming and going – hair/makeup artists, photographers …  the clock feels like it is stuck in fast forward!

There are still last minute touches to be completed and from out of nowhere some unseen circumstance adds another level of complexity to your already tight timelines.

You want to enjoy your day, not stress about it.  And this is where I step in!

I can help you on your wedding day feel less like Cinderella and more like a Princess!


The Lady in Waiting is your very own personal assistant.  I make sure your wedding day preparation runs smoothly. I am an extra set of highly experienced hands ready to:


                • steam press for the entire bridal party
                • assist with dressing you and your attendants
                • take care of your flowers
                • serve the champagne
                • lace-up gowns – Place Veils – Embroidery – Parasols – Alterations
                • perform Emergency repairs
                • tidying an area ready for the photographer
                • supply Faux Fur Wraps
                • take care of all those many other little things which need attention in the precious time before your ceremony begins.

My service also includes an ability to fix any hiccups that might occur on the day – I carry a full kit with sewing machine, jewellery repair, glue, pins, party feet …… I provide everything you need for a smooth bridal preparation.

The Lady in Waiting