I first met Lynda when she was an invaluable help during crisis at my sisters wedding and I knew immediately that when my special day came Lynda would be a key part.

I had dreams of a specific type of dress but couldn’t find what i wanted anywhere.

As I blubbered away in sheer frustration my mother asked “what about Lynda?”

From that moment on the wedding became a whole lot simpler. Turns out Lynda knew exactly what to do. After describing my vision we went on a shopping trip and through some kind of seamstress magic she turned a very simple dress, extra lace/material, hand stitched lace flowers and a whole lot of love into a dress that made me feel like a princess.

Lynda not only made my dress (with customised lace on my shoes to match) but also came along on the big day to help me get dressed, convinced me that if it did rain (which it surely did) it wasn’t the end of the world and watched me walk down the aisle.

Lynda offers many services as part of her business but the most important one is a friendly smile and a comforting hug.

Lynda is what every bride and their family needs; a fairy godmother.

Shari McDougall


I was initially introduced to Lynda through my chosen hairdresser who described her as ‘an essential resource that every bride should have’.

Upon finding out the wide range of services she offered I immediately hired her. Tamborine Mountain is a small close knit community and when the big day came we soon learnt why Lynda came so highly recommended by so many of the other wedding vendors in the area.

Lynda arrived prompt and on time to steam my dress and the bridesmaids’ dresses and everything was travelling smoothly. That was until the heel of one of the girls shoes almost snapped off.

As we stood in shock Lynda grabbed out her trusty tool kit and it was fixed in a matter of minutes. She busied herself around fixing stitches, wrinkles, adjusting hair and finally tied up my corset with practiced ease.

Lynda made what is normally a very stressful time calmer for everyone involved and we managed to all head off to the wedding on time and at ease.

None of our guests were familiar with the idea of a modern lady in waiting but upon hearing of how much she helped me many were clambering for her contact details to help out family and friends.

Kylie S


Lynda is amazing!

For over a decade I have been photographing weddings.  There is a huge percentage of brides who have wardrobe issues on their wedding day.  Having your own personal fabric guru on hand has a hugely calming influence on the ‘getting ready’ environment. From steam pressing through to keeping the space clean and events running on time, Lynda offers a million ways to make your day as distress free as possible!

My favorite Lynda story takes place in 2017 when one of the brides I was photographing had a major issue with the boning in her dress.  It had come away from the fabric and was digging into her, creating a sharp discomforting pain each time she moved.

Luckily for us, Lynda had a free weekend and much like a modern day fairy god-mother she arrived with sewing kit in hand and saved the day!

I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Steve McMarson

Photographer, Steve McMarson Photography

Lynda offers amazing service.  Her clients always comment how she is helpful, professional and is like part of the family.


Linda Pasfield

Photographer, Linda Pasfield Photography

The service Lynda offers is so helpful to keeping the wedding day running smoothly.

I have worked with her many times over the years, and find service to be an invaluable part of the wedding day prep. Lynda has come to the rescue when last minute wardrobe malfunctions occur.

I highly recommend her service to any of my clients.


Di Andersen

Hair Stylist, Di's Hair Design

I’ve always been impressed with Lynda’s attention to detail in everything she does, also, she goes out of her way to achieve a task, above and beyond. Nothing is too much trouble.

She is always courteous and diplomatic and mindful of those around her.  She is an invaluable source of local Mountain knowledge, information and contacts. An active and well regarded member of the community.


Ingrid Kapel

Florist, Florabunda Flowers

Whenever a hands on, can do, problem solver is needed, then Lynda Brownen is the one to call upon.

This amazing lady has come to the rescue of many a potentially stressed bride.

Arriving with a huge array of “fix it” tools, Lynda is able, often at last minute, to refit and sew a bridal gown, or any other item of clothing.

She can mend jewellery, organise a meal for a bridal party, tidy a room ready for a photographer, steam a dress to perfection, organise transport for guests and fix a thousand other things that get overlooked or go haywire on a wedding day…..leaving the client without a worry.

One super multi skilled lady ❤️


Suellen Bayly

Makeup Artist, Bayly Allure